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    With recordable photo frame, you can recordany sound affect you want.After recorded, press the play buttonwill playback. When you re-record a new sound, original sound will be deleted.



    Size: 15X10cm
    Materials: ABS+ audio module
    Battery: 2* AAA

    Record length: 10s

    Certificate: CE/ROHS



    1.Turn on the “PHOTO” switch and open the photo album cover to insert the desired photo.

    2. Open the battery door and insert a 2*AAA battery.

    3. Slide the “RECORDING” switch to the ON position, press the REC button, press and hold the button (about 2 seconds) to hear the “bi” sound,record a message of10seconds or less.When you're done ,release the button. A double "beep-beep" signifies a successful recording. For best results, Keep the audio source about 20cm from the mic.

    4. Slide the “RECORDING” switch to the OFF position, press the PLAY button briefly, it will playback.presstwice, it will stop playing, and the third time you press the button, it can repeat the sound.


     Use attention
    1. When the sound effect is small, please replace the battery.
    2. After the recorded, please turn the “RECORDING” switch to OFF to avoid accidentally pressing REC during recording to delete the original recorded file.