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  • 产品说明
  • Fashionable and lovely sports music speaker, mini USB speaker
    Product positioning:
    Sports products
    Promotional products
    Entertainment products
    Portable products

    Product publicity:
    This series of products is a fashionable and lovely sports music speaker, suitable for mobile phone, MP3, MP4, MP5, iPad, tablet computer, recorder, netbook, laptop, desktop computer, 3.5mm earphone interface player. Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable, small and portable, biking or walking on the street can be.

    Product features:
    Fashion, sports, conciseness, originality
    Quality performance
    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
    External audio input, can be connected to MP3, mobile phone and other sources
    Support TF Card
    Technical specifications
    Size: 100*25*138 mm (length * width * height)
    Output power: 3W
    Frequency response: 80Hz-20KHz
    Input power: in DC5V in 500mA
    The maximum power consumption: 400mAH
    The audio input interface: stereo signal input and charging port are one and the same interface

    Packing accessories:
    1 A main product
    2 An Instruction for use
    3 A warranty card
    4 An USB data cable
    Sale Description
    About Returns:
    1 Different products, there is a corresponding warranty period, the warranty period, such as quality problems, non-human damage to the case, you can replace the new.
    2 First time buyers received goods inspection, if there are serious quality problems to return promptly contact with our staff deal with the problem solving overdue non-returnable. (Returns premise must be to keep the appearance of the product and packaging intact, clean, without damage or signs of wear.)
    3 Such as non-firm sent the wrong goods or the quality of the product itself there are serious quality problems, can not return.
    4 Products are man-made damage, packaging damaged broken, beyond the warranty period, can not return.
    About Maintenance:
    Such as product quality problems, did not go beyond the warranty period (non-human damage to the case), the buyer can accumulate way, other bad chemicals accumulated to a certain amount and then sent back for a one-time, for a good product can be need to order again when the goods ordered together with the hair back.